After A Serious Injury, Get The Compensation You Need

Protecting Your Interests After A Car Accident

Roads are dangerous places. According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, more than 5,000 people are seriously injured or killed in car accidents every year across the state.

Far too often, these accidents are 100 percent preventable. Many involve careless behavior such as texting while driving, drunk driving or falling asleep behind the wheel. Even the safest of drivers can get into a serious accident through no fault of their own.

Don’t Let The Insurance Company Take Advantage Of You

After an accident, you may face an uphill battle in dealing with the insurance company. The insurance process itself is complicated. Navigating the dense legal language in your policy – and interpreting what it means for your situation – requires professional legal guidance.

What’s more, the insurance company will take swift action to protect its own interests. You may be pressured to give a statement or accept a settlement. Ultimately, the insurance company is looking out for its own bottom line, not your well-being. Just as the insurer has experienced legal counsel on its side, so you, too, need an advocate to make sure your rights don’t get trampled.

We’ll Stand By You

When it comes to choosing a lawyer, there’s no substitute for experience. Our founding attorney at the Law Offices of William A. Curry, P.C., has spent more than 35 years standing up for the rights of injury victims. This vast experience gives our legal team the ability to protect your interests with the care and dedication you deserve.

With offices in Somerville and Newburyport, we handle not only car accidents, but all types of traffic collisions as well – truck accidents, motorcycle collisions, and crashes involving mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians. Our lawyers understand the significant toll these accidents take on your physical health and financial stability. We also handle wrongful death claims on behalf of those who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact us at 617-625-7700. It won’t cost you anything upfront.

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